Runes and the RunePage

You collect runes.

And using the rune page of Arcane, construct major spells:


This shows the initial UI with the collected runes on the right and the rune creator on the left.


this is the photshop mockup, although the finished ui should be virtually the same…


Back Story

The addition of the book has now started the back story:

The crisis occurred because the Book Of Arcane was opened and ripped apart, causing the inhabitants to mutate… Or something or nothing…

New UI

After reading about Buhnells law thats states “simple to learn – difficult to master”, I dropped the more traditional right panel for a more integrated approach:

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 08.49.35

This has moved the core UI elements down to the bottom and enlarged the main screen.

The main inventory items have an addition book, which opens when clicked – it also pulses when needed to show it wants attention.

Because of the simplification, the inventory is dropped in favour of automatic allocation – the book (Of Arcane) hold spells, magic, bestiary, etc. to change magic just open the book and pick the magic you want to use.