Screenshot Saturday

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 15.06.41

No one knows what happened, but the evidence is clear – something big, nasty and with lots of teeth has been visiting…

Or is it lots of tiny things with big appetites?


Faux shadows, items and light

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 12.50.37

Movement trapping has been sorted.

Plus here is a nice lighting shot of early morning with a fire bowl on a plinth and some stairs to a raised area. Not sure what could be on the raised area, but it sure looks like it could be worth investigation.

The 3d objects can be textured or not, dynamically textured or mixtures. I’ll really have to look into how flexible it all is.

Locks, Doors, Keys and Lockpicks

So, we have a door and we want to go through the door.

The door is either unlocked (we can open the door)

or locked (we need a key or use a lock pick)

if we use a lock pick, then there is a chance that the pick will break (you could add learn lock picking here).

And on with the code:

If me.Keys > 0 Or me.lockpicks > 0 Then
  // we have a key or lock pick
  open:Int = false

  If me.keys > 0 Then
    me.Keys :- 1
    open = True
  Else If me.lockpicks > 0 then
    //check if the lockpick has broken
    If Rand(0,100) < 70 Then
      me.lockpicks :- 1
      Return False
      open = True
    End If
  end if

  If open Then
    //insert open door code here
  end if
  //door is locked and we have no keys and no lockpicks
  Return False
End If

You will need to add response code, etc to make it more usable, but at least you can now use keys and lock picks.